Water supply automation

Many times during hot periods lots of people use water for domestic usage including garden irigation. As consequence I often get no water for my house. Having a fountain in my yard I decided to make automation of the water supply using electro valves as actuators and sonoff for wireless commands. Below the schematics for hydraulic connections.

The instalation was done in a small room, below ground level, concentrating the comand panel, irrigation valves and all pipes for the consumers. The well is closed to this chamber and typically has 3 cubic of water offering enough buffer for irrigation and domestic supply.

Instalation room and my partner during work
Detailed setup

The operating modes for the instalation are listed described below with assosciated valve and pump manipulation.

For command part I used 2 Sonoff 4CH Pro ( 8 channels in total for electrovalves), 1 Sonoff TH16 for humidity, temperature and light control, 3 Sonoff basic (2 for pumps) and one for shuting down the control panel.

2x Sonoff 4CH Pro for sprinklers programing, 1x 24V AC transformer and 1x Sonoff basic to shut down the control panel when not used or when temperature from Sonoff TH16 is below 5deg.
Next project

Friend project

My project was focusing more on automation but the coats went high. My neiboor used a simpler approach with one electrovalve (R2 from the picture below) and thinks look good in the end. Recomended for cost to function approach.

First on the paper
Second on the table
In the real setup (loading …)

My brother water supply

Well supply and public supply. Total cost 1000 ron
  • Expansion barrel 50l – 198 lei (Leroy)
  • Pressure reduction Honeywell- 220 lei
  • Self cleaning purging filter Honeywell – 180 lei
  • 5 way connector – 35 lei
  • Pressure start stop – 25 lei
  • One way valves – 25 lei
  • Flexible pipe – 35 lei
  • Brass fittings – 100 lei
  • PEHD fittings – 50 lei
  • Electrical fitings/ cables – 100 lei

My sister water supply

Well supply and public supply. Total cost 1000 ron

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