HEV architectures

Hybrid or/and Electric Vehicles can be classified based on structure or by installed power.

By structure we have following:

  • Parallel hybrid or ‘P’ configurations
  • Series hybrid
  • Series-paralel hybrid or power split

By installed power:

  • Mild hybrid (typical on 48V, power ~15kW)
  • Full hybrid (plugin hybrid) ~ 50kW
  • BEV (electric vehicle) ~100kW

Mild hybrid cars have a 48V system made from an E-machine, typically belt driven, a DC/DC converter 48V to 12V and a 48V LiIon battery. The power of the E-machine is between 5kW to 15kW, the DC/DC converter between 1.5kW to 3.5kW and the energy of LiIon battery in the range 0.2kWh to 0.8kWh.


Continental BSG drive train. CoSource: arb.ca.gov

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